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How to succeed in law school by Tom Bode, Esq.

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Chemistry Apps

professions-2065191_6403 Chemistry Apps

  1. Reagent – pocket encyclopaedia for organic chemistry
  2. Organic Reaction Flashcards – need to learn reactions for upcoming organic chemistry test?
  3. Structure Mate – portable data set viewer

iphone/ iPad  only. View in iTunes.

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4 Tips For People Wanting To Pursue A Career In Accounting

This just in from Australia! However the concepts are valid here in the US as well.

4 Tips For People Wanting To Pursue A Career In Accounting

So you have just obtained a professional accountancy qualification. That’s great news, but what’s next?

You have applied to various accountancy firms and even banks, but no luck. You never heard from them. Getting a break irrespective of the field you are interested in takes time. So before you let discouragement get the better of you, here are some tips to help you pull through this stage and on to pursuing a great career in accounting.

1: Don’t Waste Time

Till a recruiter gets in touch with you, make the most of the time you have on your hands. Look for internships, paid or unpaid, and get that experience! While your first aim should be to look for an opportunity that pays, but even if you come across a chance to work in an accounting firm that does not pay, sign up for it.

You will not regret it.

2: Be on Top of Your Field

Taxation laws in Australia, accounting procedures and related things keep on going through various updates and modifications. As an accounting graduate you should keep yourself updated on whatever is happening in your field, various accounting laws being introduced etc so that whenever you are called in for an interview you make an amazing impression.

3: Spend Some Time on Your CV

A great tip for you is to revise your CV periodically. Most recruiters complain how the CVs they get keep missing the mark. What you can do in this regard is to look for the accountant related job opportunities that are posted online, go to the section marked “skills required” and include those skills in your CV too.

Obviously, you must actually be having those skills in reality too and not just write them for writing sake. Additionally, if you notice a particular course or skill being mentioned again and again in the “skills required” section, think about enrolling for those in-demand courses. For example, courses in various accounting software are frequently mentioned as a must-have skill in many ads for accounting jobs. And what is better that several colleges and websites offer these courses for free. Look them up and make the most of it.

4: Job Employment Websites

With so many job employment websites available today, it would be a really big mistake to not take advantage of them. To check out one such site, click here .

If you notice that on the site, there are not just one or two ads for accounting jobs posted, but several! And what is best about such job employment websites is that from the company’s name, to its location, salary package being offered, what they are looking for in a potential employee etc all such vital information is already mentioned.

You can go through them and apply to whichever job posting you feel like you would be a good fit for. Keep checking job employment websites regularly so that you do not miss out any opportunity.

The Fastest Font – quickest to read!

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Stressed out? Got exams coming up? Infographic on How to Stay Calm!

How To Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed Infographic
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Anticipatory Study Ideas

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 7.10.45 AMJust came across an amazing study skills website that made me excited to read it all. Mostly talking about Anticipatory and Planning. It actually has Workshops for critical Thinking & Sound Moving Images Library. This is to help with the students learning skills & for student success.

Brinda Merrell, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This article covers time management, goal setting, breaking down your day so it can all be done, also managing your time and how much time will it take to finish your project as well as how to make a plan to get it all done. There are different strategies for each person to help plan in advance and to make it all come together.

I liked the planning in advance whether it be a day, week or a month. Putting it all together because it’s not all due at the same time. You are just needing to adjust your schedule and make sure you don’t PROCRASTINATE!!!
Motivation is what brings it all together.

Read this article, there is a lot to glean from this one.

University Time Management


Active Reading//3 Easy Methods How not to fall asleep while reading!

Ana talks you through and demos her reading process. You won’t forget her MBM (Memory Boost Method) or her Think like a Teacher method.

Want to get A’s on your exams. This video is a must!


How to Study a Subject You Hate!

We’ve all had one (at least) of these courses. The more we hate it, the worse it gets. It goes to the bottom of the to do list and then it somehow falls off the list! So here are some easy student recommended tips to help us get through this. Meet Ana.


Top 10 Best Apps for Students

This is an updated listed (Sept. 8, 2016) with some I know (evernote) and some I don’t know. (Forest)  What intrigued me about Forest is that it is an app to help you stay off your phone, while you are supposed to be studying. You set the task and the time.  Then if you try to use your phone, your tree dies! But if you complete your task without getting tempted to use your phone, then you get badges and your can build your forest!!!!

OK, you can also try RefMe, which lets you scan the barcode of the book you are using for your research paper and choose the citation format, like APA and it will put it in the correct format for you, without having to type all the info in!

Enjoy this video.

5 Tips For Staying Motivated During The Spring Semester-

Well,  you  made it through Fall Semester or sort of made it, barely. Now you have to do it all over again, but maybe harder.  Where you going to get the energy to do this? Here’s 5 tips to get you started.  If you need more see the Will and Motivation page at