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Don’t zone out in reading your textbook!

Political Science Textbook

College student gives tips and tricks for reading textbooks

Scan Read Skim


Systematic Textbook Reading using KWL

KWL system for textbook reading

Award Winning Tips on Reading Science Textbooks

How to read a science textbook

Award Winning Textbook Reading Brochure

How to read a history textbook – with creative visual memory strategies built in thanks to Jake Oie, from St. John’s University in Minnesota.



Get the R2D2 technique on the link below.



Getting bored reading your textbook? Try this technique!

Here’s a personalized reading strategy developed by Megan Hoisington from the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota.

Pause Review Note Strategy

Innovative Textbook Reading Strategy

Nicole Kelly from St. Benedict’s College in Minnesota created this study reading strategy and this brochure. Looks much more innovative than SQ3R and easier to do.  Helps synthesize textbook material for long term  memory. Try it out.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.57.07 PM

Reading Strategy for Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

Reading Astronomy textbooks

Note as you go!

Reading Strategy for Mathematical Textbooks

Page. Pictures. Paraphrase.