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Winning student textbook reading brochure!

Take a peek at this Pinterest effect for Read it! Learn It! Post it!



RNR with Economics

Brochure by Clarissa. College of St. Benedict. St. Joseph, MN

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Read. Notes. Review.

Reading – Taking a 3 minute pause!

Student brochure by Lee Vang. College of St. Benedict. St. Joseph, MN,

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Reading for Latin America Politics

P.R.F.I. for Biology

Student Brochure by Rachael Newman. College of St. Benedict’s. St. Joseph, MN

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An Efficient Strategy for Reading Your College Textbook

Textbook reading was never so colorful

This technique would also work great for those of you who have open book tests! Brochure created by Maren Rodriquez at College of St. Benedict.


Here is the pdf version. Printed in full 11 ” landscape version, so it will appear on your screen sideways.  Just print and turn the paper. 🙂