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Why I forget?

As I read this I couldn’t help but think of the last quiz I took. I read the information, studied, rehearsed and reviewed all of it. <em>But something went wrong, I didn’t retain the information like I had expected to. </em>I stared at the questions and drew blanks.

So I started using common sense to answer the question and slowly some of the information came to mind. After I finished this article things made sense. I clearly overloaded my brain with too much information at once, I didn’t use it enough and I let old information interfere with new information. I found this article very helpful in understanding <b>I need to pay more attention to the way I study</b>, chunking down information and being creative to properly encode information into long- term memory would help. Especially if we really do lose 50% of everything we learn in an hour. YIKES!

–Yesenia Acevedo, Applied Science Major, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR.

Reference: Why I forget?

Concentration site helpful for ADD

I rarely find a site that is easy for me to use. This site is one of the best I have found. I have ADD and I have to find other ways of helping me concentrate and keep on track. This site offered me tips and strategies along with helpful handouts. It offers more than one way of understanding the information they are explaining.
I am happy that I found a helpful website.

–Recommended by Chemeketa Community College student, Salem, Or

Concentration – Some Basic Guidelines


I never knew how bad I was at academic reading.

I really didn’t.

kyle rw textbook
Usually when I read a book, I pick it up, read the information, and try to remember it best I can for the assignment that is required. I never really go very in depth with my text books, because most of them I find frightfully dull. It takes a lot for me to be interested in the subject matter of a textbook. I tend to be one of those students that if I find the subject matter boring I only hold onto the information for as long as it takes to finish the assignment or pass the test.

I think following these steps ( 5 keys to helping students read difficult texts)will help me better comprehend and commit to memory the information I am absorbing. I usually don’t do much thought about a textbook before I read it, I usually just pick it up and away I go. I don’t spend much time pondering the style or layout. Also during the reading process I very rarely ask questions about the information or question its information unless it is something I am having trouble understanding. The after reading process for me is honestly usually the homework. I read the book, then I do the homework re-reading the information that I can’t call on very proficiently.

I think these are some great tips on how to better your comprehension and memory retention when reading a textbook that is, in your opinion, not very interesting.

— Computer Science Major, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR


When things on a test get a little fuzzy!

barkFor someone who suffers from extreme test anxiety this page really hit it home for me! It will be something I use whenever taking a test. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of what to do in the heat of a test and things get fuzzy! This page offers great advice that I will be utilizing! I am happy to have taken the time to read through the entire page. Because it basically described my anxiety in a nutshell!

— College Freshman, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Happy Math Valentine

ValentineFrom Prof Doug Ray at Texas State San Marcos:

For all math friends, Happy Valentine’s Day:

(x^2+(9 y^2)/4+z^2-1)^3-x^2 z^3-(9 y^2 z^3)/80 = 0


See for more information on the Taubin Heart Surface.



How to plan for a ridiculously busy week!

Grad student shares her strategies for dealing with busy weeks. These helpful tips may get you through the rest of the semester coming up!

Top Tips for Study Success

Top Tips For Study Success

[Source The International Association of Book-keepers, Designed by Reflect Digital]

Top 10 Reasons to Study Economics

1. Economists are armed and dangerous: “Watch out for our invisible hands.”
2. Economists can supply it on demand.
3. You can talk about money without every having to make any.
4. You get to say “trickle down” with a straight face.
5. Mick Jagger and Arnold Schwarzenegger both studied economics and look how they turned out.
6. When you are in the unemployment line, at least you will know why you are there.
7. If you rearrange the letters in “ECONOMICS”, you get “COMIC NOSE”.
8. Although ethics teaches that virtue is its own reward, in economics we get taught that reward is its own virtue.
9. When you get drunk, you can tell everyone that you are just researching the law of diminishing marginal utility.
10. When you call 1-900-LUV-ECON and get Kandi Keynes, you will have something to talk about.

Student created Apps Study System

Built around Good Notes app, which lets you take handwritten notes and annotate PDFs. Ho’omano Pakele, student at the University of Hawaii, then added Web to PDF app and To PDF, so everything can run on his iPad. The only non-app is Zotero, which is a desktop research management system and citation maker. (Think being able to pull resources from the web, video, and slides all into one place for your paper!!) Then use the app PaperShip to get info to the iPad. Finally, tie it all together with the Google Drive app! For more info, contact

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10 Study Tips Infographic

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