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9 weekly planners. 0 excuses.

weekly planners

Time to get organized anyway you can.  Help is here to get you started.  No  more excuses. The time to get started is now.

Download printables here:


Sitting up front!


From the seventh to the twelve grade, I always picked the seat in the back. I was afraid of getting picked to answer a question and didn’t know the answer.

If I could do it all over again, I would sit in the front. You will learn more and when the teacher does pick you to answer a question, no one can turn around, and all eyes be on you. They will see the back of your head, cause you’re in the front, learning.

–Online student. Tampa, FL.

Studying with Children or trying to!

I have two kids, my oldest is two and my youngest is four months. Having a positive learning environment is a little hard for me until my husband gets home, and even then it can be a bit of a challenge. I usually have to lock my two year old out of my room to get quiet time, but my husband does try to help with the kids, so other than some crying I can usually do what I need to get done.

Student Bloggers why take an Online Classes

Take an 8 am class or take it online?  Hear what students have to say.

Textbook Reading

Easy to find information

I like the way you set up your site.  I am able to click through links and find great information to help me use my memory more effectively.  I look forward to using these links during my education.  I will recommend this to others who are looking for resources.


Cathy Pratt

Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville, OR

Check out the A&P Student blog.  It has videos by professors and “tips for making the learning of anatomy and physiology faster, more efficient, and way more fun!”

Cornell Note taking Paper

notebooks showing calculus notes


Customize your own Cornell note taking paper with your name, subject and date.  You can have it lined or blank or even create graph paper!

Top 10 ways to listen to boring lectures.

student sleeping on textbook

And this is not one of them!


Not every lecture is entertaining! What to do to get the information that you need. See handout under listening page. 

Before GPS!

Studying Geography the old fashion way. Reading Maps.

Study space in a hallway

Need to eek out some study space at home for online classes?

Here’s an idea. Use hallway space. The computer is just out of sight on the left.

This makes good use of a small space and an otherwise unused hallway.