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A two way video tool with a whiteboard and tools for math, chemistry and physics.  Think Skype with a whiteboard for one on one tutoring or a study buddy. The coolest thing is that you can text message a math problem from your textbook or the beginning of your writing paper into the collaborative board for the other person to mark up and talk about in real time!

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Tutor Tips on Anatomy and Physiology


By Vidya Balakrishnan

Sierra College, Rocklin, CA.

I chose to read the Resource under Biology titled Tips for Study of Anatomy & Physiology since they are the two subjects I tutor most often (especially Physiology). I found it helpful that first and foremost, the article addresses the most challenging aspects of the classes that I have also found my tutees to bring up during our sessions. The reasons the class is so hard is: (1) it covers a ton of information with excruciating detail, (2) much of the terminology in A&P requires intensive knowledge of Latin and Greek roots, (3) the Lab portions of both class are taught at the same level of detail as the lecture and typically must be taken concurrently though they may not perfectly align in timing with the corresponding lecture.


The article hit the nail on the head with great tips to overcome these 3 difficulties and I found that many of these were the same ones I used when I took the courses two years ago myself and received A’s. For example, encouraging students to preview new material by reading the textbook before class so they are not overwhelmed first seeing it in lecture. It also suggested reviewing lecture material soon after and devoting 2-3 hours per day to review material. It is absolutely true with this class that the hardest part is keeping up with the material in the time crunch of 16 weeks, so reviewing material as it is learned it very important. So I will definitely pass that tip to my tutees.


Another tip I really liked was encouraging students to learn together. This was helpful because I only can fit in 4 limited hours In-the Center due to my hectic schedule where I can tutor; since many of my tutees are learning the same topics with the same professors I have encouraged them to get together privately too and study more if their Learning Center time isn’t enough. I have also found that working in groups is helpful since students can practice teaching to each other to reinforce subjects and boost their own confidence.


Finally, the article suggested students use flashcards for topics with many subparts such as learning the cranial nerves or muscle groups. Many of my tutees are visual learners and already do this, but if they don’t I will pass this on to them especially!

Accounting Tutor from Alaska shares ideas on Math

Check out these 2 reviews from Elias Wheeler, a Tutor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  In his review of How to Study Accounting, he tells you which item on the list got him A’s in Accounting!!!!

The second review is of Math Myths. As a Senior in Business Management at the University,  he has taken a lot of Math courses!!! As a Math tutor he knows what works for students studying Math and it’s not about memorizing formulas!  Check out his review of Math Myths.

Accounting tutoring from up Nort!

Accounting tutoring from up North!

Tutor comments on Top 10 excuses for not doing Math homework

One of the most important sources I have read about how to study math has to be the article titled “Top 10 excuses students don’t do math homework”. It was mentioned that students make excuses to avoid homework in the subject of math. For example, students want to have fun, or students couldn’t find where the homework paper is, etc.

What I found helpful in this article however, are these three excuses talked about, which is similar to my life experience and made me realize that I am not the only one. First of all, students could not find out the correct way to do it. I always have problems like these. Sometimes when I was trying to do a certain problem, and I realized that it is too hard and I am not sure if i can do it correctly, so instead of doing it immediately, I did it like a week later right before the due date, which messed up my grade on that assignment.

Also, people try to take a rest. When they are taking the rest, they feel like they don’t want to come back for the homework, since math problems tend to be hard and in need of lots of thinking process. For example, one of my tutees told me when I was tutoring math that, it is not that he doesn’t want to finish the homework. Instead, it is the fact that he got lazy right after he decided to take a break.

One more thing that’s helpful in this article is that people decide to procrastinate when they could not find the homework assignment. This has happened to me before. Once I was trying to do my math problem for extra credit, but I couldn’t find the website my professor provided for us students. Consequently, I didn’t do the extra credit. This has also happened to one of my tutees for math, who didn’t even do his daily homework simply because he forgot the assignment paper in the classroom, and he didn’t even think about going back and getting it.

So yes, this website is helpful, and indeed I have gained knowledge and insight, both for me and my tutees.

–Tutor, Sierra College, Rocklin, California

Tutor contributes tips on how to study a foreign language

DiscussionFirst of all, it’s important to speak foreign language as much as possible. We should encourage tutees to speak and to read aloud. When speaking, we shouldn’t be concerned on speed of speech; much more important is accuracy of speech. I know from my own experience: it’s better to correct mispronouncing as soon as possible.

While reading, focus on meaning of whole sentence and understand a structure of English sentences. The structures of sentences in different languages are so distinct that translating sentence word by word often doesn’t work.

Always read passages without translation first time, in order to get feel of language. I know from my experience how important is to feel the language. Because sometimes I can’t even explain why I write sentence one way or another, I just feel which way is correct.

It’s good idea to put all unknown words and phrases on flashcards and go through them daily; while learning new words, use them in sentence of your own.

–Dimitri, Sierra College, Rocklin, California

Math Myths comments


I found the math myth article helpful because people tend to take a lot of these myths as fact, which tends to hinder a person’s success. I believe that the genius myth, which is the myth that says that people who are good at math are geniuses, is definitely not true. Being a math student myself, I tend to understand the material and can go through a math course with good grades, but I do not consider myself to be a genius.

There is also the myth that states that using any tool for math, such as a computer or your fingers, is basically not allowed ever. While there are times where some professors will not allow the use of some tools, it is not going to happen all of the time.

Lastly, there is the myth that men are better at math than women. I think that women are told that men are supposed to be better at math, so then I believe women don’t try as hard, which hinders their success. As a student and a tutor, I believe that these myths are good to be known as myth, so that people won’t be held back by believing these to be fact.

–High School Sophomore, Rocklin, California

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What do tutors say?

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Lost in a Poem

New student review of Reading Poetry
Sierra College
Rocklin, CA.

The last time I was learning poetry the teacher focused all of her efforts on two of the sections in this article, “Examine the basic subject of the poem” and “Consider the context of the poem.” For this teacher, the key to understanding every poem came directly from understanding the social issues that were prevalent during the time frame of when it was written or what personal hardships the writer was experiencing.

This was good and fine for her, she had practically memorized the biographies of the poets we discussed… It did nothing good for the students who had never even heard of the poet before. (The entire class)

It would have been very helpful if the teacher could have gone over all of the 6 suggestions in this article. Than I still might not have gotten a complete understanding of what we read, but at least I would have gotten something more than what I ended up with.

Math is in everything!

Math tutors might be interested in these pre-assessment tests for Math in

  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
If Chemistry students are having trouble in Chem, you might want to have them take this test to see if the problem is a math problem.  They don’t need to know any Chemistry to take the test.  The results refer students to math refresher modules.  This is the same for Econ (which has lots of graphs in it), PoliSci and Psych.