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Notetaking on Boring Subjects

Not every subject is exciting, especially the topics that you hate. Unfortunately, you can’t just skip over them. Well, you can, but maybe you might need this information on an exam.

So here are 3 hints on what to do with boring subjects.

Sociology Gal

Sociology Gal talks about Interactionism.

Next up Sociology Guy!

College Vocabulary

What’s a syllabus and other college terms!

Basic College Vocabulary

How about a First Week Checklist?

First Year Seminar students
Get your checklist on what to expect and what you need for the first week of college.

I thought I knew this stuff!

Try the Inventory of College Level Study Skills.

Watch out for the potholes!

During the summer, colleges rearrange their websites, which creates broken links and potholes in the howtostudy road.

Be patient and this will be fixed. But if you want yours fixed first, just send a feedback message telling us which handout needs help.

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How are you doing?

Easiest way to check out your strengths and weaknesses. Go to Spotlight on the home page and choose Study Strategies Assessment.

It’s FREE and will give you a good place to start.

A popular site!

Did you know that in just one month this site had over

  • 18,000 unique visitors
  • From over 140 countries
  • With 3,319 cities represented around the world!

New Resources for Nurses

I’ve added a new category on how to study for Nursing. This includes hints from other student nurses are well as handouts from Nursing Schools. There are also handouts on how to write for nursing, including charting and the nursing process.




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