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greek study desk

After an all nighter, everything seems greek to me! Sometimes, you just have to cram. Check out the tips for effective cramming from Utah State.

greek study desk,
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Need help studying for Chem exams?


At the end of the semester, there is so much to remember for Chemistry exams. For a fun review, you might try Musical Chemistry. Turn on your speakers, turn up the sound and go for it! Sing out loud. Sing Kareoke. Have fun and review musically for your exams.

What’s your favorite song here? Is it I’m Still Bonding: The Ballad of Magnesium Chloride?

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Top handout = Assignment Calculator

The most popular handout to date on the howtostudy site is the Assignment Calculator. You click on this and it automatically puts in the current date. Then you can choose the subject that you are working in. Put in the date when the assignment is due and it lists out the tasks that have to be done each week to get this done on time.

You can also choose to have an email reminder!! This is great for those long term projects that often get lost.


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Sleeping or studying?

Are those ear buds? How many students are using their iPods or mp3 players as study tools? Podcasts, anyone? Are boring lectures still boring on iTunes?