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I never knew how bad I was at academic reading.

I really didn’t.

kyle rw textbook
Usually when I read a book, I pick it up, read the information, and try to remember it best I can for the assignment that is required. I never really go very in depth with my text books, because most of them I find frightfully dull. It takes a lot for me to be interested in the subject matter of a textbook. I tend to be one of those students that if I find the subject matter boring I only hold onto the information for as long as it takes to finish the assignment or pass the test.

I think following these steps ( 5 keys to helping students read difficult texts)will help me better comprehend and commit to memory the information I am absorbing. I usually don’t do much thought about a textbook before I read it, I usually just pick it up and away I go. I don’t spend much time pondering the style or layout. Also during the reading process I very rarely ask questions about the information or question its information unless it is something I am having trouble understanding. The after reading process for me is honestly usually the homework. I read the book, then I do the homework re-reading the information that I can’t call on very proficiently.

I think these are some great tips on how to better your comprehension and memory retention when reading a textbook that is, in your opinion, not very interesting.

— Computer Science Major, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR


When things on a test get a little fuzzy!

barkFor someone who suffers from extreme test anxiety this page really hit it home for me! It will be something I use whenever taking a test. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of what to do in the heat of a test and things get fuzzy! This page offers great advice that I will be utilizing! I am happy to have taken the time to read through the entire page. Because it basically described my anxiety in a nutshell!

— College Freshman, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This may help my horrible memory

boringscottjacksonx Computer Science Freshman from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Or shares:

One thing that has always bugged me is my inability to remember some things, such as important passages, yet be able to recall trivial information. I have a hard time remembering something that I find less than entertaining, which can be a plight when trying to work my way through a class that I find dull. This website ( has some great ideas on how to change that for me. When it comes to reading a book, or listening to an unexciting lecture I struggle greatly to remember all of the information, but with these steps being utilized hopefully that will improve.

I didn’t realize how pivotal it could be to take notes for memorization. Usually I just read the book and assume that my mind will be able to pull up the information needed on command, which has sometimes gotten me into trouble. This is a mistake that I will not make again.