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I found the math myth article helpful because people tend to take a lot of these myths as fact, which tends to hinder a person’s success. I believe that the genius myth, which is the myth that says that people who are good at math are geniuses, is definitely not true. Being a math student myself, I tend to understand the material and can go through a math course with good grades, but I do not consider myself to be a genius.

There is also the myth that states that using any tool for math, such as a computer or your fingers, is basically not allowed ever. While there are times where some professors will not allow the use of some tools, it is not going to happen all of the time.

Lastly, there is the myth that men are better at math than women. I think that women are told that men are supposed to be better at math, so then I believe women don’t try as hard, which hinders their success. As a student and a tutor, I believe that these myths are good to be known as myth, so that people won’t be held back by believing these to be fact.

–High School Sophomore, Rocklin, California

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