Tutor contributes tips on how to study a foreign language

DiscussionFirst of all, it’s important to speak foreign language as much as possible. We should encourage tutees to speak and to read aloud. When speaking, we shouldn’t be concerned on speed of speech; much more important is accuracy of speech. I know from my own experience: it’s better to correct mispronouncing as soon as possible.

While reading, focus on meaning of whole sentence and understand a structure of English sentences. The structures of sentences in different languages are so distinct that translating sentence word by word often doesn’t work.

Always read passages without translation first time, in order to get feel of language. I know from my experience how important is to feel the language. Because sometimes I can’t even explain why I write sentence one way or another, I just feel which way is correct.

It’s good idea to put all unknown words and phrases on flashcards and go through them daily; while learning new words, use them in sentence of your own.

–Dimitri, Sierra College, Rocklin, California

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