Tutor comments on Top 10 excuses for not doing Math homework

One of the most important sources I have read about how to study math has to be the article titled “Top 10 excuses students don’t do math homework”. It was mentioned that students make excuses to avoid homework in the subject of math. For example, students want to have fun, or students couldn’t find where the homework paper is, etc.

What I found helpful in this article however, are these three excuses talked about, which is similar to my life experience and made me realize that I am not the only one. First of all, students could not find out the correct way to do it. I always have problems like these. Sometimes when I was trying to do a certain problem, and I realized that it is too hard and I am not sure if i can do it correctly, so instead of doing it immediately, I did it like a week later right before the due date, which messed up my grade on that assignment.

Also, people try to take a rest. When they are taking the rest, they feel like they don’t want to come back for the homework, since math problems tend to be hard and in need of lots of thinking process. For example, one of my tutees told me when I was tutoring math that, it is not that he doesn’t want to finish the homework. Instead, it is the fact that he got lazy right after he decided to take a break.

One more thing that’s helpful in this article is that people decide to procrastinate when they could not find the homework assignment. This has happened to me before. Once I was trying to do my math problem for extra credit, but I couldn’t find the website my professor provided for us students. Consequently, I didn’t do the extra credit. This has also happened to one of my tutees for math, who didn’t even do his daily homework simply because he forgot the assignment paper in the classroom, and he didn’t even think about going back and getting it.

So yes, this website is helpful, and indeed I have gained knowledge and insight, both for me and my tutees.

–Tutor, Sierra College, Rocklin, California

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