This may help my horrible memory

boringscottjacksonx Computer Science Freshman from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Or shares:

One thing that has always bugged me is my inability to remember some things, such as important passages, yet be able to recall trivial information. I have a hard time remembering something that I find less than entertaining, which can be a plight when trying to work my way through a class that I find dull. This website ( has some great ideas on how to change that for me. When it comes to reading a book, or listening to an unexciting lecture I struggle greatly to remember all of the information, but with these steps being utilized hopefully that will improve.

I didn’t realize how pivotal it could be to take notes for memorization. Usually I just read the book and assume that my mind will be able to pull up the information needed on command, which has sometimes gotten me into trouble. This is a mistake that I will not make again.

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