Lost in a Poem

New student review of Reading Poetry
Sierra College
Rocklin, CA.

The last time I was learning poetry the teacher focused all of her efforts on two of the sections in this article, “Examine the basic subject of the poem” and “Consider the context of the poem.” For this teacher, the key to understanding every poem came directly from understanding the social issues that were prevalent during the time frame of when it was written or what personal hardships the writer was experiencing.

This was good and fine for her, she had practically memorized the biographies of the poets we discussed… It did nothing good for the students who had never even heard of the poet before. (The entire class)

It would have been very helpful if the teacher could have gone over all of the 6 suggestions in this article. Than I still might not have gotten a complete understanding of what we read, but at least I would have gotten something more than what I ended up with.

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