Lucy MacDonald This site began in 1998, when Lucy MacDonald, Online Study Skills Professor, needed field trips for her students. After 10 weeks of research, she discovered lots of handouts on study skills from colleges around the world and needed a way to organize the information for her students at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. Thus the birth of this howtostudy site.

When retiring in 2002, students begged her to keep the site active. So she registered the name howtostudy.org and moved the site off campus and opened it to the world. The site continues to grow with the addition of how to study by discipline area. How to study Law was added at the request of a student from England! Now each discipline area also has a section of how to write for that discipline. So Biology has how to write lab reports. History has how to write using primary sources. Music has how to write a paper for that discipline.

Now students from Thailand and Kenya to India and all points in between can share their comments on studying in the write a review section. Just click on the Read button to see what students say.

Lucy consults with colleges worldwide and provides faculty development training in teaching online. She provides workshops in Australia as well as the States. She is co-author of Tech Talk in the Journal of Developmental Education. If you want an engaging, enthusiastic speaker at your conference or inservice training, contact Lucy MacDonald at lucy (at) lucyonline dot com.