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Happy Math Valentine

ValentineFrom Prof Doug Ray at Texas State San Marcos:

For all math friends, Happy Valentine’s Day:

(x^2+(9 y^2)/4+z^2-1)^3-x^2 z^3-(9 y^2 z^3)/80 = 0


See http://mathworld.wolfram.com/HeartSurface.html for more information on the Taubin Heart Surface.



Winning Math notes system

math in headEver get back from Math class with just a bunch of numbers and not a clue of what they mean? Get winning Math notes with this 3 column system: Key words/rules, Examples/Problems, Explanations/Descriptions.

Accounting Tutor from Alaska shares ideas on Math

Check out these 2 reviews from Elias Wheeler, a Tutor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  In his review of How to Study Accounting, he tells you which item on the list got him A’s in Accounting!!!!

The second review is of Math Myths. As a Senior in Business Management at the University,  he has taken a lot of Math courses!!! As a Math tutor he knows what works for students studying Math and it’s not about memorizing formulas!  Check out his review of Math Myths.

Accounting tutoring from up Nort!

Accounting tutoring from up North!

Reading Strategy for Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

Reading Strategy for Mathematical Textbooks

Page. Pictures. Paraphrase.