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Study skills are listed both by the process of studying and by topic. Each topic has a list of handouts, prioritized by importance and interest. If you find others that you would like to include, please let us know.

Getting Ready

Taking In



  • Test Anxiety - "I get so nervous during tests that I forget everything."
  • Tests
    • Objective - "I can get close on multiple choice tests, but don't seem to choose the right answer."
    • Essay- "I always lose most of my points in essay questions."

How to Study... and How to Write

  • Accounting- "How do I keep all these accounts straight?"
  • Anthropology - "Do I need a medicine man to help me remember this?"
  • Art - "The slides on the test are not the same as in the book!"
  • Astronomy - "Just out of the blue; give me some help."
  • Biology - "My notes don't help me much in studying for the test."
  • Business - "Why do I have to write papers in Business?"
  • Chemistry - "There's so much to memorize!"
  • Computer Science - "Forget the computer. My brain needs more memory chips."
  • Economics - "There were so many graphs on the test."
  • Education - "How can I teach, when I can't even learn?"
  • English - "What do you take notes on in a comp class?"
  • Engineering - "How can I remember all the formulas?"
  • Foreign Languages - "There's a different word for everything. How am I going to remember?"
  • Geography - "I need to learn how to read maps better."
  • Geology - "Even on field trips, there is lots to learn."
  • History - "I don't do well with dates. How am I going to learn all of this?"
  • Law - "How do you get all the reading done that is required for the tests?"
  • Math - "You never have to study math. You just have to do it every day."
  • Music - "What do I do if I forget during a performance?"
  • Nursing - "If I got an A in Anatomy, why can't I get a high grade in Nursing? Is there a secret?"
  • Philosophy - "I can talk about it, but I can't remember for the test."
  • Physical Education - "Do we have to study for PE?"
  • Physics - "I never know whether he's going to ask questions about the lab on the test."
  • Political Science - " I need to read more carefully."
  • Psychology - " Isn't Psych just common sense? Why do I have to study it?"
  • Sciences - "There is so much to study in science. I'll never get it all."
  • Sociology - " How do you keep track of all the issues?"
  • Speech - "I always lose my place in my speech. I just get so nervous."
  • Theater - "Any hints for learning my lines?"


I have really enjoyed this site. It contained a lot of good information. I'm currently in biology and a history class. This site has given me new ways to study that make sense.

I wish I would have gone to this site a lot sooner. I will tell other people about this site.

Bradley Univ
Peoria, IL.

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How to Study Model

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