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Organizational Skills to Save Your Semester
What are the signs of trouble?
Seven ways to better organize your study time
Don't forget to budget for those long term projects and other helpful hints.
Student Sample Schedules
Here's Julia's schedule in all its graphics glory. What does your schedule look like?
Getting Organized: College/School (Homework, Schedule, Classes)
In this youtube video a college student shows APPS and how she uses them to stay organized: from My Homework, Documents, to A+ Pro and 30/30. Check these out.
Semester Time Management Grid   PDF file PDF file
Get organized for the whole semester up front. Put in Holidays and Semester break first. Add final exam schedule. Yes, it is available at the beginning of the semester. See how early you can go on vacation!
The Benefits of Using a Day Planner in College
When everyday has a different schedule, how are you going to keep track of what is due when?
Get Your Life in Order This Semester   PDF file PDF file
Start with a clean slate. Here's how!
What your mother never told you about college
Hear what the students have to say, from nursing students to law students. Scroll down to the section Classroom clues from Been There, Should've Done That!!
Back to School Tips: Get Ready, Get Organized
So you don't live in the dorm. How are you going to get the whole family organized for back to school?
Getting Organized
What to do when schedules go haywire! Do ask questions. Campus and Instructor Resources.
Ten Tips You Need to Survive College
Your first aid kit - 10 tips to keep you afloat.
Organizing and Integrating Information
Guidelines and Tips to get you started.