Textbook Reading Sites

Harvard Report on Reading   Word doc Word doc
Find out what happened when 1500 Harvard students were quizzed on a 30 page chapter in a history textbook. It's worth it to download this Word document!
How to mind map your textbook
Here's an alternative way to annotate your textbook, which will enhance your memory.
Strategic Reading PODCAST
Did you know that you don't have to read everything? Get the 4S system of reading from this Australian podcast. Turn on your speakers.
Ten Tips for reading College Textboooks
Are you using all 10?
The SQ3R Reading System
Here is an explanation, which gives examples of how to make this system work.
How to Read Academic Texts Critically
It's bad enough that I have to read the textbook, but now the prof wants me to read it critically!
Six Ways to Become Fascinated by a “Boring” Text   NEW
Not all textbooks are interesting or exciting, but you still have to read and learn from them. Here's how.
How to Mark a Section of a Textbook Chapter
This example of a page from a textbook shows what marking really looks like and what strategies were used.
Mark Your Books!
The WHY, WHEN and HOW of marking your books from the University of Idaho!
Maximize Comprehension by Marking Your Texts
Don't color it all yellow. Here are 10 specific strategies to use.
Reading from Computer Monitors
Now even some of the textbooks are online!
Remembering What You Read
"My prof told me to read the chapter. He didn't tell me to remember it!"
Remembering What You've Read
Notes from Australia." Learn to use your own cognitive strengths ... to create memorability."
Learning from Textbooks
Active Reading. Speed and Comprehension. Reading and Concentration.
Textbook Study Strategy
Plan. Do. Review. It's the doing part that's hard!
Reading and Understanding Texts
Having problems with both the complexity and the amount of material that you have to read?
Reading Difficult Material
What to do with college level textbooks from St Thomas College in St. Paul, Minn.
Five Keys to Helping Students Read Difficult Texts   NEW
It's a process, from launching to synthesizing to using the prof's questions. Find out how here!
How to Read a Difficult Book
Still having trouble? Try Virginia Tech.
How to Read University Texts or Journal Articles
Yea. A step-by-step process and only 6 steps in all!
Reading and analysing an academic article
OK, so it's not textbook reading. But reading articles is often required for class and here is both a step by step guide and a blank form to fill it. Makes it so much easier and quicker.