Concentration Sites

Concentration - Basic Guidelines
Two parts: a place for study and small, short-range goals. See how it works!
Concentration - Not just a mind game
What can do to improve my concentration? Find specific action steps here.
Concentration and Memory - Concentration Tips
92% of College students don't have problems with concentration. Do you believe it? (Download Word documents) Scroll down to Concentration and Memory. Then choose Concentration Tips.
Making Concentration a Habit
Look at both external and internal causes for lack of concentration. Which ones bother you the most? Which ones can you start to control?
Clues to Concentration
Maybe I could study better if I had a clue!
Concentration   PDF file PDF file
Do you know these 3 barriers to concentration? Get the 9 tips on how to build concentration
What students can do to improve information processing   PDF file PDF file
How does it feel to pay attention? Do you actually know when you are concentrating and what it feels like? Or do you only know after the fact when you were not concentrating?
Control of the Environment
Click on the down arrows next to Don't Force Concentration and Concentration Slipping for 2 more tips. For a really fun tip try the REMINDER PAD.
I Can't Concentrate
Mind wandering? Try these techniques. 7 tips and then some.
Improve Concentration   PDF file PDF file
Recognize when your mind starts to wander not 10 minutes later.