Stress Management Sites

Stress Quiz: How Stressed Are You?
Just 20 questions. That shouldn't stress you out too much.
Top 10 School Stress Relievers for Students
Ever hear of PRM or affirmations? Check out these tips for students.
Beliefs that Contribute to Stress
Are you trying to please everyone?
How to Reduce Stress in College Life
Check out some ways to maintain good health and keep your sanity.
Yerkes-Dodson Human Performance Curve
What's the difference between stress and anxiety? Look at the performance curve here.
Coping with the Stress
Stress is every place, even in college. How does it affect college life?
Stress Reduction Tips
Here are some academic tips for stress management
Top Ten Strategies for Wildly Effective Stress Management
Here's a one page to post on your wall.
Top 10 Stress Relievers
Here's a list from the Mayo Clinic and it's free. (the list, not the clinic!)
Strategies for Stress Management
A 15 item list that can go on your bulletin board.
Tips for Managing Stress
A variety of ideas may hit on just the thing for you.
Tips & Tools for Coping with Stress
Get physical is just one tip. There's lots more. Check out the special section for women needing help with stress.