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Concept Mapping
What is it and why use it. How would I use it in college?
How to Mind Map in just 7 steps
Mind mapping is a visual tool that enhances memory by coding the information in the way the brain works. It can be used for any topic and is especially helpful in condensing masses of information for mid term and final exams.
Concept Maps
How to begin building concept maps with lots of examples from the sciences.
Science Process Skills. Creating a Concept Map   PDF file PDF file
Direction on making a basic bzre bones concept map using science as a concept.
Mind Mapping - Introduction
Great video by Tony Buzan. Also extensive tutorial here.
The Concept Mapping Homepage
Scroll down to see the Saint Nicholas concept map! Is he related to Santa Claus?
Creating Study Guides   PDF file PDF file
Try the concept map first, but check out the other 5 as well. Find the kind that works best for you.
Mind Maps - A Powerful Approach to Note Taking
Watch the YouTube video on how to construct mind maps.
Matrix Building Activity
Building matrices and charts is a great visual tool. See sample here.
Mind Maps
Color organizes the branches of this mind map by Tony Buzan.
The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them
For those of you who want to know why and others curious about how big mind maps can get. See the impact that color can make. Lots of examples with illustrations. Do you have a parking lot?
Mind Mapping
Graphical mind map with interactive steps on how to create a mind map!