Memory Improvement Sites

How We Remember
Just 10 steps including the answer to How much to study!
A two part process: Recognizing and Recalling. Different subects require different types of memory, i.e. use of memory in math may be different from that in history.
The curve of forgetting
Memory goes away fast. How fast? Check it out here. All this is based on just a one hour lecture!
2 kinds of remembering needed by college students. Check out the 17 tips from Virginia Tech
Improving Your Memory
Poor memory is a myth! See how to put the 4 R's of Remembering to Work for you!
Memory Pretest
How much do you remember? Huh?
Principles of memory
Want to know why it's important. Find out when to use the technique. Then check this out to find the principles anad why it works!
Reciting Raises Retention
So you studied last night, but can't remember for the test today? Try this technique suggested by the University of Alabama.
Using Memory Effectively
6 different strategies to choose from!
An Introduction to Memory Techniques
Extensive site for all kinds of suggestions, beginning with memory tricks.
Knowing More & Remembering it Longer
Also includes 4 ways to forget!!!
Look what happens if you don't review! It's called the curve of forgetting!
Mnemonics (Memory-Aiding Devices)
Visit Canada to see a list of memory aides by subject area. Oops. We'll have to take Pluto out of the planet's listing!