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Beating the Big Bad Wolf: Conquering Test Anxiety
This multimedia presentation includes quick checks. So turn on your speakers to get going. Psy prof has specific strategies to combat test anxiety, including taking the mystery out of test questions. (Note: it takes a while to load. Don't give up.)
Positive Self Talk to Decrease Test Anxiety
It's not enough to say, Don't be nervous. You have to turn these statements around into positive statements. Here are some examples. Try them out.
Working with Anxiety
Much of exam anxiety comes from fear of poor performance. Here are some solutions. (Note: you may have to scroll down to this section.)
Managing Test Anxiety   PDF file PDF file
Specific things to do in order to control test anxiety.
You Can P.A.S.S.   PDF file PDF file
Preparation for Test, Assessment of Anxiety, Strategies for Test Taking, Stress Management
7 tips to Beat Exam (Video)
This student duo demos exam anxiety and what do about it in a fun skit. Just 4.5 minutes. Which tip was helpful for you?
Overcoming Test Anxiety
Special strategies on what to do if you find yourself tensing and getting anxious during the test!
Tips for Managing Test Anxiety   PDF file PDF file
It's a 3 prong approach mental, physical, and relaxation.
Dealing with Test Anxiety
Just 3 steps, include "real" studying.
Overcoming Test Anxiety
Do you study hard, but "blank out" in the middle of exams? Looks like this slide show is for you!
Reducing Anxiety in the Exam Room
Now I'm at the test and I'm still nervous. Help! (Note: you may have to scroll down to this section.)
Test Anxiety
Loosen up and relax or control the anxiety. See how.
Test Anxiety
Coping with the feeling of being overwhelmed!
Self Help - Keeping Calm
Top 10 practical tips on How to Keep Calm During Tests!
Test Anxiety
Some Basic Tips. Watch out Starbucks!