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Survival Strategies for Taking Tests
What to do before you begin, including do a mind dump!
Ten Tips for Teriffic Test Taking
Can you answer test questions in strategic order?
Test Preparation Workshop
Are you studying a lot by still getting low grades on tests? Then this workshop is for you!
Online Quiz and Test Taking Strategies
This multilevel resource provides life long hints and tips for taking tests, whether its the GRE, SAT, ACT, GED prep or tests for elementary students. Definitely bookmark this one. Student recommended by Danielle from Mesa Valley School District in Colorado.
Taking Objective Tests   PDF file PDF file
What's the secret? tips for answering multiple choice, matching, fill in the blanks and true/false.
The Seven-Day Study Plan
There's so much to cover. I have to review both the lecture AND the textbook. Here's how!
Fastfacts: Multiple Choice Exams
Check out the troubleshooting section for answers to * I never get finished. * I can't choose between two similar answers. * The questions were all on trivial details
How to Prepare for Tests
If I only knew what the instructor wanted!
Resources - Exam Strategies
Studying is one thing, but remembering for the test ... Try out these strategies.
Strategies to use with difficult exam questions
Help! Here's another question that I don't remember. How am I going to figure out the answer?
Multiple Choice or Multiple Guess?
What are the 3 "unsavory characteristics" of multiple choice exams? Need more help? Read on for the In-test Strategies for Multiple Choice.
How to Be Prepared for Tests: 15 Steps to Success
I didn't know that there were steps that I could take. Recommends protein meals before tests for brain power
Taking Problem-solving Tests
Good for the sciences as well as math!
The Multiple Choice Exam
Ready to try an interactive multiple choice exam? Read the handout and then try your luck.