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How Students Develop Online Learning Skills
Successful Online Students Identify 7 Tips. 59 students, who took 80% + of their courses online share their advice.
Tips for Success with Online Learning   PDF file PDF file  NEW
Having trouble handling a boring online class? a badly designed course? managing time for an online class. Concordia University has just the tips for you!
How to Make Online Study Work for You   NEW
7 specific steps specific to managing the challenges of online study. First of all you will need to set up a study routine and a study zone. There's even a section here on stopping Procrastination. Check this one out before you get started.
How to Study for an Online Class
A pictorial 8 step guide to get you started!
Infographic: Creating a Successful Study Online Environment   NEW
10 tips with graphics for setting up at home study environment. Also get the data on hours of study required by Major!
Online Courses: Before the Course   PDF file PDF file
From understanding expectations to planning logistics, this is a must have resource.
Online Courses: During the Course   PDF file PDF file
Most extensive resource for during the course from how to motivate yourself to presentations to 7 roles of students in the discussion forums to how to post an effective question - the before and after. Print this out and post it near your computer for reference during your online courses.
Online Learning - Procrastination   NEW
If you don't have set times for online classes, after all you could go to class anytime, procrastination may be your worst enemy. Here are some specific strategies to help online learners overcome procrastination.
Studying with kids underfoot
Studying online may mean studying from home. What do you do with interruptions? How do you concentrate when there is family and kids around?
How to successfully handle job and studies at the same time
From prioritization to discovering the real meaning of time. Helpful hints here for the online learner!
Tips for Success in Online Learning
Don't assume that online learning is going to be easier than traditional face to face classes. They may take even MORE time. Check these tips out.
Online Courses: After the Course   PDF file PDF file
Remember: not all online courses are created equal. By reflecting on your experience, you will be better able to choose good, effective online courses in the future.