Study Environment Sites

Control of the Environment
Tips of how to take charge of your environment and your wandering mind!
Study Environment Analysis
This will help you evaluate your 3 favorite study places. See which one really works for studying.
Finding the Best Seat in Class
Do you know the distracting factors of where you sit in class? Check out how to find the best seat for maximum learning.
The Ideal Study Environment
The Starbuck Revelation or what's better than the dorm?
Managing Your time and Study Environment
Scroll down to the Study Environment part to see the time of day and other variables include temperature and lighting.
10 Dorm Room Photos
Any one fit your dorm room?
Cute Dorm Rooms:7 Examples
These pictures look better than my dorm room!
Decorating Your Dorm Room!
Can you fit a desk in? Check Rochester Institute of Technology's dorm rooms measurements. Does this look like yours? Check out the Virtual Tours.