Procrastination Sites

How to Stop Procrastinating
The 3 step program to stop procrastinating! Print out the worksheet that goes with this one. You might need it!
6 Reasons that People Procrastinate
Now get the strategy that goes with your reason for putting things off. Maybe they should add a 7th Reason - All of the above!
I'll Study for the Test Tomorrow
Find out the relationship between GRADES and procrastination
Overcoming Procrastination
Estimated that 25% of college students are chronic procrastinators.
Proscrastination Avoidance Made Practical
This video is under Tactical Motivation and Procrastination Avoidance. Choose the format you want from Flash to mp3 to iPod Video. Do you know your distraction techniques?
10 Tips for Managing Procrastination   PDF file PDF file
Get specific. Set priorities. Here's how.
Dillydallying: Bad for Your Health
Is this why I am always sick around mid terms and finals?
Don't Put it Off Any Longer: Cure that Procrastination Virus
What's your procrastination type?
Winning through Wedging
How long are your study breaks? Find out how to use the study wedge! Scroll down to Tactical Motivation and Procrastination Avoidance to find this video. Choose your favorite format from Flash to iPod Video or Windows Media
10 Strategies for Combating Procrastination
How many have you tried?
Design Your Own Anti-Procrastination Plan
Be creative. Take charge of procrastination.
Overcoming Procrastination   PDF file PDF file
Procrastination takes many forms. Maybe one of these is yours?
Avoiding Procrastination
Questions to ask yourself to get motivated.
Overcoming Procrastination
Yes, even law students procrastinate. Find out how they use the 10 minute rule and other useful tips.
The Problem of Procrastination
Polar Bear Procrastination
Controlling Procrastination
Getting Started: Just do it has helpful ideas and a section on making a mound out of a mountain! Lots of other ideas here.
Procrastination 101: Blame It on the Computer
A student's view. Sound familiar? Write a review and tell us more up-to-date computer distractions? What's your number 1 computer distraction today? (I'm sure it will change tomorrow!)