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Learning to Listen to University Lectures
Listening is a thinking activity!
Ten Bad Listening Habits Quiz
See where you place in this listening quiz. Now, listen up. Take this quiz!
Top ten ways to listen to boring lectures
Who said that every lecture had to be entertaining? What do you do if it's not. Did you know that after a day most college freshmen only remember half of it anyway? Here's 10 tips to help remember lecture material.
Learning by Listening   Word doc Word doc
Dartmouth says that "Research shows that individuals can only recall 50% of what they hear and that 20-30% is incorrect!" Wow. How am I going to survive lecture classes? Find out here.
What is listening?   Word doc Word doc
Are you faking attention? Gotcha! What other traps do poor listeners fall into? Find out how to turn these into good listening habits.
Listening comprehension & note-taking: Recognizing lecture structure
Get the key words for each part of the lecture. You can also listen to a mini example to get an idea of how a lecture works. Click on the word, structure, in the left hand column to begin.
Listening Skills for Lectures   PDF file PDF file
Do you have strategies for dealing with the 10 bad listening habits? What makes the difference between an effective and ineffective listener? What can YOU do about it?
10 keys to effective listening
Find out the secrets to listening! There are 2 columns here: The Bad Listener and the Good Listener. For each key, circle what you do. The results will give you a personalized listening profile.
Effective Listening
Just the basics.
In the Classroom - Listening and Note Taking
Here's a listening checklist!
Listening Skills
The average college student spends about 14 hours per week in class listening !