Notetaking Sites

Cornell Note taking Method
The parts are color coded so it is easy to see how EASY this system is!
Cornell Notes Video
Video showing how Cornell notes work, complete with an example.
10 Steps to Better Notes
What if the prof talks too fast? What if the terms sound like a foreign language? How are you supposed to take notes? Check it out here.
Cornell PAPER
Print your own Cornell Note taking paper! Enter your name and the course and it will print it on the paper with the date. You can customize this for lined paper or blank or graph paper.
Lectures and taking notes
How to make the most of lectures and take notes.
Note-Taking Skills
Have you taken a minute to evaluate your present note-taking system?
When Professors Talk Too Fast ...
Takes more preparation before coming to class to familiarize yourself with the material and 6 other tips!
Cornell Note Taking Examples - Math
This gives you a picture of math notes in Cornell format. It annotates the good and the bad, so you can see what good math notes look like and what bad math notes look like, and why. Lots of examples here. A must have!
Geek to Life: Take study worthy lectures notes
See what psych notes look like using the Cornell Method. The exam questions are listed in the recall column!
How to take notes on a boring subject
It's not all fun and games. Here are 3 specific strategies that will help with dealing with the BORING!
Making the Most of Lectures
What is the point of a lecture? What should you do during the lecture? Need some ideas for notetaking.
Note taking and in-class skills
Don't get lost in lots of minor points.
Note-taking and Comprehension
How to improve your in-class experience! Sign in as a guest and go to online workshops for Notetaking.
Cornell Note Taking
Cornell notes about Cornell notes!
Identifying Lecture Styles
There are at least 6 different lecture styles. Once you identify which style your prof is using, it will be much easier to take notes!
Note-taking Formats
It's not all outlining.Check out this list from Cornell Method to Mind Maps and more.
Note-Taking Skills
Evaluate how you are taking notes now. Then find out the 5 important reasons to take notes.
A Guide to Taking Lecture Notes
Notetaking hints that can increase your chances of remembering lecture material.
No-Nonsense Note Taking
In just 15 steps.
The Cornell Notetaking System Diagramed and Explained
Get the explanation and see Bio notes in this format.
Study Habits - Cornell Notes
Graphic gives the Cornell Notes design, not the photo. Also has links to Cornell and a template for printing paper for cornell notes in Word.
Taking Notes from Lectures
How to get organized!
Mini Lesson Notes
Scroll down to Australia for a color sample of Cornell notes, called Mini Lesson Notes.
Taking Notes from Research Reading
It's not just about taking notes in lecture. You will also have to take notes on your research reading. Here are some hints.
Introduction: Note-taking at University
How to take notes in a large lecture hall?
Editing Lecture Notes
You mean I have to go over them?
Note Taking: Cornell Method   PDF file PDF file
What do hepatitis notes look like in this format? Note how the review/recall column is set up as a self-test column with questions in it. This makes your notes already to study for the test!!!
Note-taking and in-class Skills
13 suggestions to improve your notetaking system.