How to study and write for Geography

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Learner Guide - Geography   PDF file PDF file
The best part is Section 3: What will be tested? (pp. 19-20) Here is a chart ranging from easy questions and what you have to do. For example, remembering facts might require you to " give definitions and explanations of relevant geographical terms and concepts". Harder questions might ask you to "assess the effects of geographical processes and change on physical and human environments."
Taking Multiple Choice Exams
This resource shows you how to apply the strategies to actual Geography multiple choice questions. Scroll down to the bottom to find out why some answers are wrong on the geography exam.
The Exams: Preparing for Them, and Surviving Them
Great tips. Print this one out. It even includes a section on after the exam, where everyone seems to have a different answer from yours!
Encouraging active and critical reading by geography students: the use of reading journals
How the Reading Journals work.
How to Prepare for an Essay Exam
Begins with a sample geography essay question! Check out the section on answering essay questions in class!
Tips on Becoming Geo-Savvy - Revising for Geography Exams
Beyond just the usual memory tips you might also want to try PAL (Paired Associate Learning) Find out how it works here.
Thematic Essay
In this case the theme is geography. Here is an exam essay question: Geography features can positively or negatively affect a nation or region. This page shows the parts of the essay and how to write the geography answer.