How to study and write for Law

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How to study Law: with a lot of trying
Be strategic in your learning. You can't do it all, so choose your classes wisely and most of all structure your time accordingly. See these hints and tips from a successful student's point of view: successful both as a student and in getting a job!
Improve your exam results - exam scripts and skeleton notes
Studying for law exams? Find out what's wrong with normal exam notes. Then learn how to improve your exam results with exam scripts and skeleton notes. Get the 5 step process on how to prepare an exam script. This is a must have post from a law blog!
Note Taking at Law School
Get both the why of taking lecture notes and the how of taking effective law notes.
Law School Academic Support Blog
This is an absolutely must have bookmarked site. It is constantly updated with study tips and hints from basic tips for reading cases to basic steps for students who want to set up a study routine for the first time in law school. Best of all, you can search for the topic you want. Put this on the top of your list.
Assignment Calculator
Running out of time for that brief?Having trouble getting long term assignments done? Try this calculator out. It will automatically begin with today's date. Then put in the date the assignment is due. Click and voila. All the interim pieces, what you have to do each week to get it done on time, are laid out for you. No more excuses!
First Year Survival Manual
This is must read and keep. It has 8 parts, all of which you need! What's it all about? Preparing for Class, Class discussion, After Class, Summarizing your notes, Studying for Law Exams, Writing Law Exams, The Key to Success!
How to Be an Effective Critical Reader
Requires a different skills set from pleasure reading. What about talking back to the author? What about making new meaning? Print this out and post in your reading/study area for essential guidelines for critical reading.
How to Succeed in Law School - Student Guide #2
Written by a law student, this covers getting through class and the Socratic Method, Case Briefings and Case Readings and Thinking like a Lawyer, as well as what to do about 1 month before the exam.
How to Succeed in Law School-Student Guide #1
Find out the reality behind these 4 myths: 1. Study groups are necessary to succeed in Law School 2. Your 1L grades aren't all that important 3. If your professor tells you not to use supplements, don't use them 4. Grades are entirely based on luck
Law School - Materials for Success
Law professor gives hints for surviving law school.
Life as a Law Student: 7 things you really have to know
Law students across the globe share similarities. Some good advice here.
Quick Tip: Time Management
Time management is not only important in Law School but also in a law career! Check out this video.
Why Studying in Law School is Different ...
In law school, mistaken beliefs about study skills can get you into serious academic trouble. See the reasons why right here.
3 Essential Tips for Effective Lawyer Time Management
#1 Eat the Frog! Say what. Check this handout if you want to survive law.
5 Things to include in your law school class notes
Knowing what to look for in the lecture will help you know how to organize your notes.
8 Tips for New Law Students. Things they Don't Tell You at Orientation
From learning the lay of the land to preparing your family on what they might expect, this is a must have to getting started
Law School Essay Exams - What to Memorize
What things to you need to know by heart before taking a Torts final exam? What is the template for constructing an essay answer? Are there easier ways to memorize things?
Why Law Students Fail to Achieve their Personal Best ...
Top Ten list! Specific to law students. Check out PRE-IRAC-C, a process for success.
Memorization Techniques
10 minute video Pass the Bar Exam with IRAC. The Bar Exam is not the same as a test in Law School. Get tips on when to memorize for the most effectiveness.
Time Management
Semester long schedule as well as the weekly schedule!
Why do law students outline? Not only find out why, but also how!
Preparing for Class.
Preparing for Class. Also includes general tips for notetaking as well as lecture notes - examples. MUST HAVE. How to capture prof's analysis, facts which are key to prof. Also how you must show where you did not understand the lecture! All of this is given in context of law notes.
Study Aids
What's a hornbook? "They explain the legal concepts and black letter law the way a non-fiction or textbook would." Check out your college's law library for these.
Study Groups
Study groups for law students. Learn what's best.
Exam Strategies Special Types of Questions
Excellent tips for essays and short answers on law exams!
Socratic Method
Find out how it works.
The Case Method
How the case method works in practical terms.
Reviewing Exams
And, oh yes. You must look at your last exam. Otherwise, how else can you improve? Besides these same questions may come up on the final exam and you wouldn't want to miss them twice!
Seven Ways to Improve Your Legal Writing Skills
Just 7 steps, but it may take a little time to master this kind of writing.
Tips on Editing for Legal Writing
Disregard the legalese and scroll down. The information is still h ere. Legal writing requires precision. Use this checklist to start.
Law subjects and exams
For short answer to a legal problem/scenario use HIRAC.