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Making the most out of math class   PDF file PDF file
Good tips here. Look at the set up for taking math notes in two columns: theory and examples.
Math Myths
From the Genius myth to the Who Needs it Anyway and the Magic Key myth. Which is your favorite one?
Math Study Skills
Assess your math study skills. There is no numbers in this survey!
Problem-guided reading for math   PDF file PDF file
Here's an effective reading system for reading your math textbook in just 8 steps.
Reading A Math Textbook
Can't speed read this stuff!
Tips for Success i n Science and Math Courses   PDF file PDF file
Learn how Math and Science are different from other subjects. Study tips here may be different from the way you are used to studying. Get on the road to studying for math and science.
Tips for Success in Science and Math Courses   PDF file PDF file
Learn how studying for Math and Science is different from other classes. Get the specific strategies that work for these courses!
Cornell Note Taking Examples - Math
This gives you a picture of math notes in Cornell format. It annotates the good and the bad, so you can see what good math notes look like and what bad math notes look like, and why. Lots of examples here. A must have!
How to Study for Exams
Make sure you know these formulas and more importantly how to use them! And other useful hints to survive math tests.
Math and Science Test Taking Tips   PDF file PDF file
Practice working problems quickly with a kitcher timer! Draw a picture in multiple colors.
10 Ways to Survive the Math Blues
Help at last! Practical no nonsense steps.
How to study for a college algebra test
Just an 8 step study process. Start now!
Before and During the Test
Have to take a standardized math test, like a placement test or an exit test? Get your tips here for what to do before and during the test. Specific information especially for Accuplacer or TIS. Even get the MOM's advice!
Good Calculators - Free Online Calculators
This is a mega load of free online calculators, from volume to engineering, to grade and GPA calculators and more. Which ones are most useful for students? Which ones are most useful for math?
Math Study Skills
Studying math is different from studying other subjects. No kidding!
Math Study Skills Handouts
Includes Math Anxiety Bill of Rights and 10 Ways to Reduce Math Anxiety
Mathematics: Guidelines for Study
Includes notetaking, reading the math textbook and problem solving.
Quantitative Problem Solving
16 quick tips. #1 Solving problems tests your ability to apply theoretical concepts. Both abstract thinking and computation are required. Oh, Oh. I'm in trouble!!!
Top Ten Excuses for not doing the Math Homework
# 6 is the Oregon excuse! Maybe yours is the coffee one!
Success in Mathematics
Problem Solving and Studying for a Math Test. Also includes taking a math test, where Strategy Matters.
12 Math Myths   PDF file PDF file
True or False: Some people have a "math mind" and some don't. What other myths do you know? Math Myths.pdf
Study Tips for the Student of Basic Statistics
Don't try to memorize the formulas. Sounds good to me!
Checklist for your writing projects
You mean I have to write in Math, too? What's this all about?
Math Autobography   PDF file PDF file
Poor response and how to change it to a good response. This resource gives a list of prompts to get you started on writing your Math Autobiography. You can pick and choose which ones work for you.
Math Autobiographies
A math autobiography assignment: what it's not and a sample of what it is.