How to study and write for Music

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Online Music Theory Flash Cards
Since many schools require passing music theory exams, I thought some of you might like to see some basic music theory flash cards. Let us know in the reviews, if you have others that you like or if you've made your own.
4 common music assignments and strategies for handling them. • Concert Report • Historical Analysis: placing a piece in context •Song Analysis •Performance/Media Comparison
Writing in Music   PDF file PDF file
Give your readers musical examples, but do you need the whole score or will a piano reduction do? Learn how to support your interpretive claims with specific examples from the music. See an example of a poor response as compared to a better one.
Writing About Music   PDF file PDF file
Do you know the 3 kinds of writing assignments for music? Learn how to give examples from a musical score.
Writing the Music Paper
Have to go to a performance and report on it? Get help here on writing reviews and comparative analysis papers. Also get the insights from Dartmouth's music professors.
How to Write A Research Paper on a Musical
What to do before you see the musical.