How to study and write for Philosophy

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Assignment Calculator
Having trouble getting long term assignments done? Try this calculator out. It will automatically begin with today's date. Then put in the date the assignment is due. Click and voila. All the interim pieces, what you have to do each week to get it done on time, are laid out for you. No more excuses!
Guidelines on Reading Philosophy
You not only have to read the stuff; you have to evaluate the author's arguments. Here's how to do this!
Philosophy note-taking sheet and study tips
PRINT OUT THIS WORKSHEET! Here is the 4 step guide to reading philosophy and what you need to get out of the readings. Philosophy reading is different from reading in history and psych.
Preparing for Philosophy Exam - 5 tips
#5 Be Prepared to Think in the Examination Yikes. Better read this one.
Tips for Understanding Philosophy
Marginal writing is better than highlighting or underlining. Have you heard of "glossing"?
A Philosophical Glossary for Beginners
Ad hoc, ad hominem - what's all this latin mean? Get the definitions and examples here. Also get examples of the difference between a valid argument and a persuasive one.
Guide to the Study of Philosophy
This guide not only provides tips on reading philosophyical texts,but also provides guidelines from reading electronic sources, including philosophy forums.
A Brief Guide to Writing the Philosophy Paper   PDF file PDF file
Covers challenges of writing a philosophy paper and how to structure a paper. Best of all this resources shows poor writing examples and then tells you why and give models of good philosophy writing examples. Print this guide out.
A guide to Philosophical Writing   PDF file PDF file
Do you know the 5 characteristics of every philosophical paper? Do you have to write an Explain-and-Evaluate paper? Do you know how to defend a focused thesis? This resources not only tells you how but gives you samples of philosophical papers to illustrate each point.
Tips on Writing Academic Essays in Philosophy
Only 4 what NOT to do, but 20 to do items. Writing for Philosophy is going to require reasoning, scholarship and literacy. Review the tips here.
Writing in Philosophy
Did you know that there are 5 different kinds of philosophy papers? Not just any old paper will do!
Writing in Philosophy Courses
See what philosophy profs are looking for. Check out the do's and don'ts for writing philosophy papers.
Guidelines on Writing Philosophy Paper
Princeton provides models for writing in before and after fashion. Find out how to "talk" philosophy. This also includes What to Do in a philosophy paper.
Writing Philosophy Papers: A Student Guide   PDF file PDF file
Need help with identifying philosophy problems? Look at all the different forms of philosophy writing. Who would have thought that there were so many! Here is the Student Guide.