How to study and write for Political Science

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How to Study for a Political Science Exam
6 Steps towards getting an A. Also hints on what not to do in a study group.
Mathematics Test - Political Science
Math in Political Science. Who knew? No knowledge of poli sci needed to take this test. See what kind of math is expected. Results will recommend math review modules needed. Good to do before taking poli sci classes or as a review before a test.
A Student Writer's Survival Guide   PDF file PDF file
This includes "Considerations before you write" as well as types of assignments. Do you know what the polisci prof means by a thinkpiece? a radio script? Find out here with lots more!
Some Notes on Writing Political Theory
Isn't it the same as writing political pamphlets?
Writing in Political Science
See how to write a political science research paper and how to write in political theory.
Writing Tips for Political Science
Sometimes you have to use the academic literature of politics. What's that and how do I do it?
Writing in Political Science Courses
Get on the right track. Learn what kinds of evidence (argumentation) Political Science professors recognize as valid in the work they assign.