How to study and write for Sciences

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How to Study for the Sciences   PDF file PDF file
Beware of "Pretend Studying"! Are you eyeball reading or "pretend reading". Check out this resource from the Biology department at the University of Oklahoma for study strategies specifically for the sciences.
Reading in the Sciences   Word doc Word doc
Find out what's different about scientific reading.
How to Read a Scientific Research Paper
Get hints to make reading a scientific article easier. Plus learn what the parts are of a research article.
Writing in the Sciences
It's a Science paper, not an English paper! How can I make my writing more objective?
Scientific Reports
Need to report on experimental research? Try IMRAD.
Sample Lab Report Assignment
What's a lab report look like anyway? Here is a detailed explanation of all the parts that need to be included.
Scientific Writing: Questions about a Journal Article
Here are the questions to use when analyzing an article from a scientific journal.