How to study and write for Speech

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Oral Presentations
A whole module on what makes a successful oral presentation! This is a must for every student who has to give an oral presentation.
Personal Report of Communication Apprehension
How nervous are you? This assessment categories the anxiety into group discussion, meetings, interpersonal, and public speaking. See what bothers you most.
A Speech! ... I can't give a Speech!
Oh, but you can and here's how.
Choose a Topic
Not as easy as it sounds.
Managing Nervousness During Presentations
Causes and cures. Yeah! Learn performance strategies.
Public Speaking: How to Close a Speech
Don't speak too long. Here are some good ideas for ending your speech.
The delivery
Practical tips to help you make it from your chair to the front of the room for the speech.
Two words: Research and Practice
Speeches just don't happen. You have to practice them. Yes - outloud!
Giving an Oral Presentation
Mostly in college we are asked to give oral presentations rather than formal speeches. Still the strategies for both are similar. This Australian University provides points for using visual aids as well as dealing with nervousness.
Oral Presentation Checklist
This 5 part checklist can be read online or you can download the whole checklist to post on your bulletin board in your study area.
Improving Your Speaking Skills
This video/powerpoint presentation includes 10 tips for Great Communication. (Requires RealMedia player. Free download.)
Making an Oral Presentation
Can you convince your audience that they have something to gain from listening to you? Here is a straightforward list for a successful presentation.
Designing Effective Oral Presentations
After college, you may spend more time creating oral presentations than writing papers. Better get started now to learn how.
Writing Speeches
How do I write a speech, if I am not going to read it?
Presentation Tips for Public Speaking
Tips from a research guide for students.