How to study and write for Nursing

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Study Tip - Student Nurse Report
Study tip - ever thought of making your own powerpoints to review for tests? See how this nursing student uses these.
Study Tips from Former Nursing Students
Find out how to get the most out of classes and textbooks, as well as how to thrive in clinicals!
Your Context for Success: Allied Health & Nursing
Did you know that nursing school requires new methods of learning and new methods for studying for the test? What worked in A&P and Micro with one correct answer, may not work in the Nursing tests which may have up to 3 good answers. To select the "right" answer you may have to use judgment. Get this hints here on how to do this. This video is 40 minutes long in 4 parts: learning strategies, test strategies, sleep priorities and stress. A must for nursing and allied health students.
Stress Management
Seeing it from a nurses point of view! Having trouble managing both family life and work? Here are some suggestions.
Study Skills and Test Strategies for the New Nursing Student
This starts off with general study skills, but moves into specific guidelines for nursing students with the nursing process and specific nursing content test questions.
Need help to remember the Median nerve? It suggests "LOAF" for lunbricals, opponens pollicis, abductor pollicis brevis and Flexor pollicis brevis! This site is a database and has all kinds of mnemonics to help you remember medical information. Just type in the items that you are trying to remember and you will get a suggestion. You can also browse by category, so A and P ones are all together.
Pronounciations - Merck Manual
In reading your textbooks, if you meet any technical term, check out the pronunciation here! Do this before the lecture, so when you hear it in class, you will recognize the term. If also helps in class discusions, if you can pronounce the word correctly.
English for Nursing Students
Language practice for nursing as well as study aids.
Relective Writing in Nursing
Journal writing in Nursing. What every first year student needs to know! What they don't tell you about in Freshman Comp!
Writing in the Field: The Three Kinds of Charting
Did you know that there were 3 kinds? Flow Charts, Care Plans and Narratives!
Article Reviews
This is not a book review. Article reviews for nursing have very specific requirements.
Writing as a Professional Nurse
You might as well get started now! Find out what the 3 general rules are.