How to study and write for Math Anxiety

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Ways to Reduce Math Anxiety
Click on this Word document: Math Anxiety and How To Reduce Them by Professor Daria Santerre, Math Dept. Norwalk Community College Did you know that there are 3 types of Math Anxiety. You could have one or all 3! Just my luck! Find out the symptoms and learn that you are not alone. Find out why Math is different. Be sure to print out this resource and keep it for instant access and reference.
Developing Math Confidence
6 ways to develop math confidence. Begin today.
Math Anxiety
What are the symptoms of Math Anxiety? What do students say about Math Anxiety?
Reducing Math Anxiety
Find out the 2 big reasons people have math anxiety. Then get the 10 tips to reduce it.
Ten Ways to Reduce Math Anxiety
#3 Math is like a foreign language -- You have to practice it.
Conquering Math Anxiety
Is it really test anxiety or trouble taking math tests? Or is it math anxiety. Find out the difference here and the strategies needed for each.
Managing Math Anxiety
Includes how to begin and keeping a math notebook to track your thoughts.