How to study and write for Biology

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Having trouble getting long term assignments done? Then put in the date the assignment is due. CLICK and voila. All the interim pieces, what you have to do each week to get it done on time, are laid out for you. No more excuses!
How to Study for the Sciences   PDF file PDF file
Beware of "Pretend Studying"! Are you eyeball reading or "pretend reading". Check out this resource from the Biology department at the University of Oklahoma for study strategies specifically for the sciences.
Studying Biology: I thought I knew everything (but I still got a bad grade)   PDF file PDF file
It's not how much you study, but you study that makes a difference . Here are 7 ways to be more effective.
Reading Strategies
Proven tips for Anatomy and Physiology textbook.How to be effective and take less time!
Study Skills
Biology teacher gives his class hints about time management and test taking.
Study Tips for Biology Classes
Includes strategies for both memory based tests and concept based tests.
Test Item Analysis
How to see what is going wrong on your A and P Tests. Print out analysis sheet here. It's 4 pages for the total of 100 questions. If you only have a 25 question exam, be sure to tell your print to just print page 1. Watch the professors video explanation and demo on how this works. In A and P he asks "ordering" questions. Find out what that is.
Biology Study Skills
The following strategies will help you get an A in biology.
Biology Reading Skills
17 steps to reading biology. I didn't know there were so many. No wonder I'm not getting it!
10 Study Skills for Suceeding in Anatomy & Physiology
From getting organized to group study, here are specific ways to be successful in this subject.
How to Memorize Anatomy & Physiology terms
4 steps including using a life size human skeleton for reference.
How to Succeed in a Human Anatomy and Physiology Class
3 ways to excel in A and P class!
Tips for study Anatomy and Physiology   PDF file PDF file
Covers tips for studying the textbook to understanding that not all topics are equal. So don't get discouraged.
Three Dozen (and one) Study Tips for Concepts of Biology Exams
What does Goldilocks have to do with Biology?Hint: tip #24
How To Study For Biology Exams and Quizzes
It's not enough to just read and reread the textbook and write and rewrite your notes. Check this site to see what really works.
Sample Lab Report Assignment
What's a lab report supposed to look like anyway? Get the detailed explanation here.
Scientific Report Format
Here's the IMRAD format and when to use it.
Structure of a Biocore Lab Report
Based on the format most commonly used by scientific journals. Detailed instructions including how to write a legend for graphs and charts!
Writing Biology Laboratory Reports
6 parts to a lab report? If I do an introduction, do I have to do an abstract too?