How to study and write for Chemistry

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Academic Success Videos: Chemistry
9 strategies to enhance learning and succeed in chemistry. This video also includes the importance of Chem Lab. Note: requires Quick Time to play.
Assignment Calculator
Having trouble getting long term assignments done? Got a lab report du? The calculator will automatically begin with today's date. Then put in the date the assignment is due. Choose lab report and then click calculate and voila. All the interim pieces, what you have to do each week to get it done on time, are laid out for you. No more excuses!
Chemistry Study Tips
Chemistry requires a Mindset . Then you need to know what to do to master lecture material and how to read these dense textbooks. Of course, there's always homework and studying. Get the hints and tips here.
Study Techniques for Chemistry   PDF file PDF file
Common problems faced by all chemistry students! You're not alone! Plus study skills for chemistry. Techniques for Chemistry.pdf
How to Ace Organic Chemistry
Just 5 easy steps!
How to Make the Grade in Chemistry
6 chemistry tutors share their best tips for chemistry. All for free!
How to Succeed in Chemistry
Includes how to prepare for labs!
Study Tips for Chemistry Students (What I wish they had told me as an undergraduate)
Study offensively. How do I do that?
mathematics Test - Chemistry
You don't need to know any chemistry to take this assessment. It will give you a preview of the kinds of math problems to expect in chemistry. Then it will recommend refresher math modules for you.
How to Pass Chemistry
Does attitude have anything to do with it? What are the common traps?
10 Ways to Make Chemistry HARD
You probably know five of these already!
How to Study Chemistry
Clear Checklist from the University of Utah includes questioning strategies as well as study habit tips.
Ten ways to pass your next chemistry exam
Only 10?
Chemistry Study Hints
What to do before, during and after the lecture.
Writing in Chemistry Courses
Oh, no. I thought that I was finished writing in Freshman Comp! Now I've got lab reports and critical evaluations, whatever they are.
Chemistry A few general charateristics of good writing in Chemistry
Get the list of characteristics of good writing in Chemistry. It's not Comp 101. "Do not start a sentence with a number unless it is part of a chemical name!"
How to keep a Notebook
Not your usual writing assignment, but still very important, especially in the sciences. See Dartmouth's directions on this.
Lab Reports for Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab
Get the general format, which includes points for procedures as well as results.
Sample Chem Lab Notebook
See a REAL example of a Chemistry Notebook. Look at the categories as a way to structure your own lab report.
Short Lab Reports for Organic Chemistry Lab
I'm all for short, but sometimes these are harder to write! What do you mean, I forgot the abstract?