How to study and write for English

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Assignment Calculator
Having trouble getting those English Comp papers done on time? Try this calculator out. It will automatically begin with today's date. Then put in the date the assignment is due. Click and voila. All the interim pieces, what you have to do each week to get it done on time, are laid out for you. No more excuses! It has guides on different types of writing assignments from Lit Reviews and Lab Reports to Applied Human Science Assignment and Annotated Bibliography. Very helpful tool!
Questions to Ask While Reading Literature
The TOP !0 questions to ask when reading literature. Print this checklist and use it as a bookmark.
How to read Literature Critically
Try these 6 easy steps, including metaphors and archetypes.
How to study Shakespeare
Here's how to use mind map to help you study Shakespeare.
Writing Essay Exams about Literature   PDF file PDF file
Shaping the Essay Exam Answer! The resource also provides examples of Acceptable and Unacceptable essay exam answers.
How to Read a Poem
It's not a novel. Use these guidelines to learn how to read a poem and understand it!
Poetry Explications
Paragraph by paragraph detailed help on how to write a detailed analysis of a poem.
Grammar Check
A fun way to look at grammar. Bye grammar mistakes. 12 Common Writing Mistakes. 5 Bad Writing Habits You Can Break Today. 16 Persuasive Secrets. Tops 6 Common Mistakes, Ultimate Beginners Guide to Writing and much More. Check out this fun resource.
What is an Academic Paper?
No matter what the topic or course, you may need to know such things as what it means to write for college or construct an informed argument. !st up is how it differs from writing in High School. Plus this resource gives Tips for Newcomers. Definitely a good place to start.
Critical Reading: A Guide
Do you have to write as paper for your lit class? Here is a guide for analyzing a poem, analyzing fiction, analyzing prose in fiction or writing an analytical essay.
Getting an A on an English Paper
Find out what professors are looking for in 5 major sections: thesis, research, close reading, style, mechanics.
How (not) to Write an Atrocious Paper   PDF file PDF file
Sometimes it's helpful to find out what not to do, before falling into these pitfalls. Here's a list for you.
How to Write an Annotated Bibliography
Very useful to keep track of your research.
The Basics of an English Research Paper
Did you know that an English research paper is analytical? Find out the expectations here.
Writing an Academic Essay
Academic essays are required the world over. Here is a short video from Australia with an explanation of what you need to do .
Writing About Literature
Demystifying the process. How to write a paper about Fiction in just 9 steps!
Summary:using it wisely
How do you know if you are summarizing? See this checklist.