How to study and write for English

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Composition Strategies
Did you know that there are study guides for composition?
Guide to Literary Terms
Includes examples with the definitions. Do you know what an allusion is?
How to read Literature Critically
Try these 6 easy steps, including metaphors and archetypes.
How to study Shakespeare
Here's how to use mind map to help you study Shakespeare.
How to Read Literature Critically
English profs have special rules for reading literature, especially if you have to write about it. Find out the secrets here.
Glossary of Literary Terms
Learn how to talk the talk for Literature classes.
Checklist of Elements in Literature
How to make yourself look smart. Use this crib sheet for your literature classes!
How to Read a Poem
It's not a novel. Use these guidelines to learn how to read a poem and understand it!
Poetry Explications
Paragraph by paragraph detailed help on how to write a detailed analysis of a poem.
Getting an A on an English Paper
Find out what professors are looking for in 5 major sections: thesis, research, close reading, style, mechanics.
Invention: Questions for Writing about Literature
A must have handout. Post this in your study area. It has the questions to ask for any English paper on Fiction, Poetry or Drama.
The Basics of an English Research Paper
Did you know that an English research paper is analytical? Find out the expectations here.
Using Literary Quotations
Using literary quotations from how to incorporate quotations into sentences and emphasize your main ideas to documenting the quotations.
Writing About Literature: Guidelines for Literature Papers
Double your money: These guidelines apply not only to essays about literature, but to any persuasive essay!
Writing About Literature
Demystifying the process. How to write a paper about Fiction in just 9 steps!
Writing About Literature: Explicating a Poem and Symbolism
My Prof told me to explicate a poem. What is that! Oh, and yes, I'm supposed to talk about symbolism as well. Help.
How to Write a Summary
Sometimes it's the shorter writing assignments that are harder to do.
Summary:using it wisely
How do you know if you are summarizing? See this checklist.