Motivation and Concentration

Jennifer K, College Freshman
ASU Beebe, Beebe, AR

I think this is a good way to help students learn to study. Most students say they don't have any problems studying in a noisy environment, but I've found from my past situations, that a noisy environment, i may be able to study in, but within a very short amount of time, I've forgotten everything I just read. A quiet place is much better.

10 Steps
College Freshman
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA

I found this article incredibly helpful. I never really realized a correlation between exercising and being motivated to study. However, after reading this article, I thought about when I ran cross country in high school, and how much more motivated I was back in those days. The article was insightful and completely true.

Review of Motivation
Rachel Inman, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

This was helpful to me because it describes ways to gain your motivcation back. If you seem to have a lack of interest on the subject you should read actively, learn to use a more effective method of reading (surveying the material), relate the course to your life. Getting help when needed and always having a quiet study time. By doing the things above it will help me be more motivated. I sometimes have this problem and will apply the skills above to be more motivated.

Constructive Criticism
Terra Mullings, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem. OR

I enjoyed reading the information on this site. I like that it is grouped by the different reasons for one to be struggling with concentration/motivation. However some of them run together making it confusing at first and it is visually distracting. I believe this site would benefit from a little TLC just some space in between each subject. Maybe different fonts for the heading of each subject area. It would look better and be easier to read through.

Motivation and Concentration Site Review
Israel Echeverria Cadena , Grad
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, OR

This website has very helpful information about keeping motivated and maintaining your concentration depending on what situation you are in. I would particularly recommend the advice of planning an activity as reward for a job done.

Great suggestion!
Charity Araujo, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

I was given an opportunity to visit a few different websites about concentration. Many were saying the same things that are helpful, However, one thing I had never thought about was how to handle all the thoughts that come to my mind as I read that have absolutely nothing to do with what I am learning. So your tip to jot down your irrelevant thoughts on a scratch pad and come back to them later was the most relevant suggestion I have had to help me. Thank you.

Useful Steps
Dylan Warnick, College Freshman
Chemeketa, Salem, Or.

I chose the University of Minnesota`s Motivation and Concentration page. I thought that the advice, laid out in a step by step list made it extremely easy to go down the list and make sure I had everything I need to study with the best concentration which is my biggest issue with online classes. I find myself running through the checklist now, every time I sit down to study.

Dana Rodriguez, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

The site covers several possible reasons why someone might have a lack of motivation and/or concentration and then gives learning strategies on how to eliminate these barriers.

I specifically have to agree with the writer in regards to the necessity of having a particular place to study where you can keep needed tools at hand. It would be easy for someone with a lack of motivation to use this as a reason to put off doing needed work.

The Clear examples of motivation blocks and suggestions of solutions were very thorough; however the format and layout was lacking and the paragraphs seemed to run together with no clear separation.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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