Association works well also.
Autumn Walsh, College Freshman
Austin Commumity College, Cedar Park, Texas

This article was sufficient enough in regards to applying what you should do in order to extend the memory process and retain your information longer. However this article doesn't mention anything about association. I agree with my teacher in this aspect of associating new material to things we already know.

For instance, if we have a vocabulary word that we are unfamiliar with: 1) Can we get the meaning if it is taken out of context by reading the sentence over again? 2) Does it have a suffix or root word? If these do not apply to the situation at hand, then look up the word, find it's definition, and notate other similar words through a thesaurus. If you need something else in order for it to make sense put the word into your own sentence.

This has helped me a lot. Recalling information and retaining information are different processes, but adding associations will help in all you do.

HS Sophomore
MSHS, San Pedro, Ca

I have never been a good at studying. I always have crammed for test and before high school ,the grades were decent.Then I started high school with all the final, exams and 200 question tests. I'm a 9th grader going into 10th and my summer school final for history was brutal (although i got a 99% on my English one) I failed big time. i got a 21% on the other. Now i am learning to study more thank you HowToStudy.

Jessica Boone, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Yamhill Valley, Oregon

I find this very helpful to me. I find myself not being able to ever remember what i read or what i was taught in a lecture when it comes down to answering questions about it. But i have noticed with note taking and studying them I'm remembering a lot more of what I'm learning than if i were to just take notes and read them. Having someone quiz to quiz me on my notes helps tremendously.

Good info!
Micheal Duda, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

"You must learn something before you can remember it." The most important line to me. I often let it go in one ear and out the other if it is not something I take a interest in. I will now try to focus on not just listening to it, but paying close enough attention that I do learn from it.

Diana Tondee, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater , Fl.

This information helped me a lot to learn how to remember what I have read or what the lecture was about. I have a hard time retaining what I read and it gets harder as I get older. I used to help my daughter study when she was a senior in high school. She would always use the mnemonics method to learn things. I think this is a good method to use and I plan to use it as much as possible.

What I did not know
Dawn Frank
Chemeketa Community College , 4000 Lancaster Drive NE Salem OR 97302

Think about what you are trying to learn. Finding an interest in the material helps to more easily memorize it.I also have found thinking about what I'm trying to learn and relating it to something in my life.This is a great article a must read.

Two part proccess to memroy
Jeanna Heuer
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I think the only thing I would elaborate further on, would be on repeating to friends. I find that repeating information to people in general, can reassure myself falsely. I find it better, to repeat information to students in my class during study groups, since we are all the same page and understanding the current topic at the same time. During the time I have been a part of a study group, we tend to think out similar questions and details that is beneficial and needed to understanding.

Great tips
Rabecca Moreno
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

I enjoyed reading about the different tips this site had to offer. A lot of the tips that were stated really work. I find it easier to remember things if I fully understand them, and a great way I do that is explaining it to someone else. Another tip I found very helpful was cutting the information down a bit so I can remember it easier. There are a lot of helpful tips here and I recommend for someone to read it if they have difficulties with remember things.


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