A Learning Style Survey for College

How I Learn
Shelia Gibson, College Junior
Beaufort Community College, Washington, NC

I learn better on my own by studying my material that the instructor gives me. I also like for the materials to be accurate and understandiable. That way I can really pinpoint what to look for and I will know what he/she is talking about when the time comes. I like the instructor to explain patiently things that I don't understand. That helps a lot also. I like to take note so it will be a guide for me to go by. This is some of the ways that help me learn.

More Interesting
College Sophomore
Ranken Technical College, 4431 Finney, St. Louis MO

I took a learning styles inventory at my school that was 75 questions and little repetative. This survey was more interesting and to the point in its questions and more detailed in its analysis. The results seem to capture my learning style much more accurately.

Learning Styles
College Sophomore
Ranken Technical College, St. Louis, MO

The information given by the Learning Styles Survey was very helpful in understanding my own unique learning abilities. It helped to make clear the strong points in my learning habits and also helps me understand what I could improve on to make my study time more effective. Hopefully I will be able to implement these strategies in the future to better myself as a student.

--Electrical Systems Design Technology Major

A learning Style for college
Athina, College Freshman
York University, Toronto

I just did the survey and I could not believe the results. This survey described my study habits and offered new suggestions to my study habits. I recommend this site to everyone of all ages. If you want excellent grades, take this test.

Finally a test that I go aha
Esther, nursing student, College Sophomore
Oklahoma City Community College, oklahoma

Usually I find myself disagreeing with questionnaire results. This particular one was right on the mark and has allowed me to enhance on what I already knew of my learning style. I will definitely try some of their suggestions too.

Learning Style
College Freshman
Florida CC, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

This questionnaire was very informative, for me. I learned my style of learning from it. Also, it taught me different ways to study, based on my learning style. I suggest that every student take this test, even before college. Knowing your learning style can save you time in the future.

Perfect Analysis of Me!
Pearland Junior High South, Pearland, Texas

Most quizzes are so off on my personality, but this one completely captured my essence. It's a perfect match with my style.

Great Survey
T Layton, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

The survey was great. I can't believe how dead-on the results were. Some of the questions seemed strange for this type of survey, but they must have really had their place, because it really hit the nail on the head.

Everyone needs to take this one!!!!!!!!

24 hours review
Garden City Community College, 801 Campus Drive

Everyday, I review all my notes, especially those that I have more problems to understand. I review at least 30 minutes.

janice baber, College Freshman
Florida State College, Jacksonville,Florida

When I did the survey of my learning styles, I have to say that this was the closest. As I read the results I saw myself. This is how and what I do when I study. I do read aloud most of the time. It helps me to understand better what I have read. I rather do things hands on; it more personable to me. I also do a lot of note taking. I want to be able to reference what was said in class. This learning style helps me to learn. Maybe it will help others in class.

My learning style
Alexandria Warman, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I have found out that my learning style is, once I am by myself I read aloud. Reading out loud lets my memory remember what exactly I read. Also it lets me comprehend everything I am reading to myself. It is very helpful to me. It also seems when I have time by myself to do such a thing, THEmore time I have FOR me and to focus on getting my studies finished on time.

Visual Learner?
Crystal Whitfield, College Freshman
Chemeketa Communty collage , Salem,Or

For me it is easier to write down notes and little reminder memos. This helps me when i'm studying for a test. I can just grab my notes and go over them or if I just need to freshen up my memory over something, I can just look at the little memos I write and this will help me.

Learning style
outon, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

I learn very well with a hands on kind of material or a manual my instructor gives me. A visual helps me understand what i am working on.

Very insightful.
Morgan, College Freshman
Chemeketa Comm. College, Salem, OR

This site is extremely helpful! I was actually excited to take the quiz, and I found the results to be very accurate and insightful. Absolutely a very useful tool, and my 'study style' is something I intend on printing and putting up in my work area so I can keep the ideas in mind.

Dusti Patten
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I found this article to be very helpful. I really benefited from the survey at the end. It told me some study skills about my learning style I already knew about, and some that I didn't. I had no idea that I learned best through audio style as well as visual.

Tactile/kinesthetic learner
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, oregon

I thought this site was very useful. Gave me a new perspective on my learning stlye. I had no idea what a tactile/kinesthetic learner was until now.This site has also given me a few new ways to learn and study.

Learning Styles
College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

The information that was given to us was a great way for me to understand my own learning style. It made strong points as to why my habits are the way they are and ways I can strengthen my learning styles. I learned how to use my study time more effectively. Definitely going to improve my over all learning ways.


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How to Study Model

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