You Can P.A.S.S.

Christina Nunez, College Junior
Sierra College / Sacramento State University, Sacramento, Ca

The information given previous to this review is a great system to use while attacking test anxiety.I was a person that freaked out before a test. Even though I may know the material, participate in-class discussions, and do excellent on all the homework, tests were just not the area I was excelling at.

The PASS system was recommended to me and I had received great results. Thanks.

Great information
Patrick Lee, College Freshman
Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL

This article gave some great information. I'm a person that suffers from test anxiety. I'd recommend this to anyone who has the same problem, like me. The next time I take a test I'll definitetly use this information .


Develop strategies and techniques to improve your test preparation. Complete surveys to determine the sources of your anxiety and select appropriate study strategies to decrease your anxiety. Learn effective test taking strategies for multiple choice, true-false, and essay exams. You can then take a practice test to apply the strategies. Practice techniques to help you relax and cope before, during, and after an exam.

Tips from Utah State University
Amy Yeaple, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

Utah State University put together a nice article about test anxiety with the use of PASS: Preparation for tests Assess sources of anxiety Strategies for test taking Stress management

I\'m sure I\'m not the only one to suffer from test anxiety and little helpful hints like PASS really do make a difference. I enjoyed reading the article and it was out together really well.

Klain Pippert, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, Oregon

I like how it shows us the keys to over coming test taking. I like how it shows us that most of it really is just mental and all in our heads. We need to prep before the test so we are ready for when it comes. I like the acronym that they used of PASS. Ove all a really great site and I like the suggestions and ideas it gives for us to over come test taking.

Great Source
College Freshman
Austin Community College, United States

This I think will help me to fix my testing anxiety. I feel as that I can do better than ever before. I love it how the acronym "P.A.S.S" stands for something other than just a word with one meaning. I've never heard of it to be used like this.

Managing Test Anxiety. This too shall P.A.S.S.
Bonnie McCone, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This site is a great reminder of the many things one can do to perform successfully on exam days. I like how it says to not engage in last-minute obsession, as this will only increase anxiety levels. And, to ignore the outside distractions by playing music, telling oneself to "STOP" thinking negatively, getting good sleep the night before, and to eat energy-giving foods before testing. To "bring it down a notch" and breathe is of most importance! RELAX --- this, too shall P.A.S.S.

Leia Brown, College Senior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I love the acronym they used here for PASS. These are smart tools that can really help reduce test anxiety and make passing the test a little easier with good study techniques. I also like how well the acronym relates to the topic of a test; it makes it easier to remember.


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How to Study Model

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