Overcoming Test Anxiety

managing test anxiety
College Freshman
Round Rock Higher Education Center, Round Rock Texas

This resource is the most helpful, because when I look at the study guide I remember all of the questions, but when it comes to the test my mind just goes blank.

Test Anxiety
Andrea Clark, College Sophomore
Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL

This article is very helpful in teaching ways to help overcome test anxiety. I think this article is so helpful because I know many people that have test anxiety and do not know how to get rid of or lessen their anxiety to take tests. This article shows different ways to help a person do that.

Good info
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

This article has a well-rounded approach to overcoming text anxiety, from preparation, to posture, to de-stressing techniques and positive thinking. I have a huge issue with text anxiety, although only when it comes to tests that contain math. So reading through this article gave me some great ideas and a better sense of confidence.

Dealing with Anxiety
College Freshman
FCCJ, Jacksonville,FL

This article was helpful to be because it gave me idea on how to prepare for tests. One of the ideas that this article gave is don't try and cram at the last minute. This was very helpful. It also stated that you should know the time and place where the test will be. It's always a good idea to make sure you leave early so you can avoid traffic. Make sure that you have writing utensils as well.

Cure For Test Anxiety
Alauna Gonzales, College Freshman
Crafton Hills Community College, Yucaipa,CA

Reading this article has really helped me think about how I can somewhat cure my severe test anxiety. It has given me the list of options and or ideas that will help me with dealing or getting through those tough periods when I am going to be taking a test or quiz.This was a positive article in my eyes; it truly helped me. It gave me that feel of relief that I am not the only student that deals with this issue.

Good Information
College Junior
Austin Community College, Round Rock, TX

It is really helpful. After I read it, I realized I have done a lot of wrong stuff before I took the test.

Overcoming Test Anxiety
Katie, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock, Texas

This article was very helpful since I have test anxiety myself. It taught me how to build confidence by organizing. It also should me how to be relax and how to not think about fear when starting the test.

Had All the Tips, Not just a Few
Arielle Brown, HS Senior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This site had more than just small amounts of information pertaining to test anxiety; it had the majority of the information that was posted on the rest of the sites. Instead of just telling the reader to eat enough before the test, it told the reader what kinds of foods would be likely to increase stress levels rather than decrease them. I would much rather be toldspecifically what kind of food will contribute to me being calmer or more stressed than normal. It went over most of the information that was on the rest of the sites but I only had to go to one site.

Useful tips to reduce test anxiety
Susan Jordan
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really enjoyed that this article on Overcoming Test Anxiety covered a variety of topics and had several tips to counter some of the common anxiety triggers. It is good to remember that most students experience some level of anxiety and that it is a sign of wanting to do well. The advice that was presented, covered how to prepare yourself well in advance of a test, how to build confidence with good habits leading up to the test, how to show up to a test with your best foot forward, and how to cope with the anxiety when it begins to build during a test.

But what I liked most was when it offered strategies for after the test.Using all of these tools together would help a person feel supported and successful every step of the way.

Overcoming Test Anxiety
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville

Overcoming Test Anxiety contains information that students of all ages could find useful. The information covers everything from general test preparation to how to use feedback from your test results to become better prepared for your next test. I have a tendency to become overly anxious before and during tests; therefore, the relaxation techniques listed, which include deep breaths and not focusing on your fear, I'll be sure to use.


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