Get Your Life in Order This Semester

Shelleand Terry, College Freshman
Delgado Community College, 615 City Park Ave New Orleans, La

I am an older student and would like to be able to study and remember what I study. How do I organize my self to do that with so many other things I have on my mind.

Organized for New Semester
Geraldine Escalera
InterCoast College, West Covina, CA

It's best on the first day of school to have a notepad and a planner with you. You might have to start taking notes and the teacher might put a list of assignments on the board that need to be completed on certain days.

Don't make the wrong decision
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA

When you start a new semester, I believe that it is essential to talk to a counselor to get opinions on what classes you should take and tell them what you want to major in. I have made the mistake of not talking to my counselor for the last three semesters and the light bulb has just come up to go see a counselor. I have made the wrong decisions for many things.

I now have changed my major into the pharmaceutical field, and I am trying to get all my classes that I need to major into that field I have been busy working my tail off to make money but I have not made to do all my school work. I have realized that school for me is top priority and I will not let anything get in my way of doing what I want to do in my life. This article helped me change the way I think of things now I have realized that having a plan in your head without fulfilling it is not the best Idea. Therefore, I believe that having you classes planned out will benefit you in the long run to improve yourself in everything that you do.

Getting organized
Alby, College Sophomore
Intercoast College, Riverside, CA

For your first semester you should have a notepad with you so you can take notes.Llater those notes will come in handy.

Carole Beninghoff, College Senior
Intercoast Colleges, Riverside, California

My plans for this semester is to learn as much as possible and study what I've learned,and accomplish and achieve my goals. This sounds like it was writein for me! I'm very thankful for this article.


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How to Study Model

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