What your mother never told you about college

Zamara Mendez, College Junior
intercoast, West Covina, Ca

Going to college is way different then going to high school. When you're going to college you have to be on time and you cant miss school for nothing and if you miss one day of school it's like missing a week of school. Plus you get behind in work and class work. So that's why when you're in college you have to take it seriously and go to school everyday.

The college life
ALby =), College Senior
Intercoast College, River Side CA

College is way different then high schoo. You have to always be on time and don't miss class because you can fall behind in classwork. So always be on time and be there everyday especially on test days.

Good tips about college
sally reyes
Intercoast College, Riverside, Ca

College is very important, make good use of your time while you have it. Don't treat it like high school.

Figuring it out the hard way
Elizabeth Homen, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I wish I had seen this my first year of college! This is totally helpful and what I need to help do well. I would suggest printing this out and putting it right next to you so you can read it every morning before class.

will do this semester
Anna Welch
Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, TN

Reading this resource made me think of all the hints and clues it gives you about college. Getting involved makes life as a college student easier and stress free for yourself.

Doing good in school.
College Freshman
Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, TN

To do good in school and in class you need to stay focused. Ask around and see which instructors are the good ones, because they can make a lot of difference in how you do. Find a study partner in your class. He or she can help you get better on the tests or quizes. All in all, stay focused and don't party every night. Have a lot of time for studying.

Keep to your time plan
joshua benjamin, HS Junior
Ahmadu Bello University, NIGERIA

Never miss any of the things you have on your plan. Make sure you accomplish them all


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How to Study Model

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